Letterpress Equipment in Australian Printing Museums

Listed below, by machine, is various letterpress and some bookbinding equipment held in Australian Printimg (and a few other) Museums. Much of this equipment is in working order, but some is in store, and some only held for spares. At the moment, only larger items are listed, and type, composing sticks, lead cutters, etc. are omitted. For contact information, see List of Museums.
Please note that the list is not complete, some items have yet to be individually identified, some entries have yet to be confirmed by the particular Museum, and some museums may have been overlooked altogether. Details such as date of manufacture, etc., are slowly being added. If anyone comes across more equipment, please let David Bolton know.
Hand presses/Common pressesTreadle platen pressesTable-top platen pressesPowered platen presses
Cylinder pressesProof pressesOther pressesRuling Machines
Line/Slug/Stereo castersType castersRe-melting furnacesSurfacers/Saws
Guillotines/ShearsStitchers/Sewers/Drills/PerforatorsFoldersBook/Nipping presses
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Hand presses/Common presses AlbionStoredDardanup Heritage Park
 Albion (1869)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Albion (x3)WorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Albion (1864)WorkingPenrith Museum
 Albion (1850)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Albion (England, c.1866)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Albion (Harrild & Sons, 1866)StaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Albion (Hopkinson)StaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Albion (Hopkinson & Cope, London, 1858)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Albion (Hopkinson and Cope, 1874)WorkingRenmark: Olivewood Museum
 Albion (possibly Hopkinson and Cope)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Albion (F.T. Wimble & Co, [England], 1883)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Albion table-top (Hopkinson & Cope, London, 1859)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Albion table-top (Hopkinson and Cope, London, 1879)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Britannia (1835)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 ColumbianStaticBacchus Marsh Express
 ColumbianStaticBroadford Courier Printing Office
 ColumbianStoredMuseum Victoria
 Columbian (Clymer, Dixon and Co., England, 1849)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Columbian (J. Clymer, London, 1880s)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Columbian (England, 19th century)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Columbian ‘Improved’ (Hopkinson & Cope, London. c. 1870)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Common Press (England, 1700s, used by Fawkner, 1838)StaticMelbourne Museum (Museum Victoria)
 Common Press (c.1750)WorkingPenrith Museum
 ImperialStaticBarr Smith Library, University of Adelaide
 Imperial (Double Crown) (Cope & Sherwin 1847)StoredWestern Australian Museum, Perth
 Imperial 17x11 (Post Folio) table-top (John G.Sherwin, London 1855)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Ruthven No.60, (table-top, bed size 12x10 ins) (Ruthven, Edinburgh, pre 1822)StoredWestern Australian Museum, Perth
 Stanhope (Charles Stanhope/Robert Walker, London, c.1825)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
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Powered platen presses Adana TP48 (Adana, London)StoredMuseum Victoria
 HeidelbergStaticBacchus Marsh Express
 HeidelbergWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 HeidelbergWorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 Heidelberg (x2) (late 1940s)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 HeidelbergStaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 HeidelbergStaticHistoric Village, Herberton
 HeidelbergWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 HeidelbergWorkingPenrith Museum
 HeidelbergWorkingPeterborough Print Shop
 Heidelberg T 10x15WorkingBright Press
 Heidelberg Super Speed (Schnellpressenfabrik AG, Heidelberg, Germany, 1937)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Heidelberg WindmillWorkingBrisbane Museum of Print
 Heidelberg Windmill (1971)WorkingRenmark: Olivewood Museum
 Heidelberg WindmillWorkingSouth Coast Restoration Society
 Kluge (1950)StaticOld Gippsland Heritage Park
 ThompsonWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 ThompsonWorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
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Table-top platen presses AdanaWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Adana (x4)WorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Adana (x8)WorkingPenrith Museum
 Adana (x2)WorkingSouth Coast Restoration Society
 Adana 8x5 (x2)WorkingBright Press
 Adana 8x5 (x2)WorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Adana 8x5 table-top platen pressStaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Adana 8x5WorkingLoxton Village Print Shop
 Adana 8x5 (c.1965)WorkingNew Norcia
 Chandler & PriceWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Homemade horizontalStoredMuseum Victoria
 Kelsey Excelsior 2x3 table-top platen press (Kelsey & Co, USA, 1873)StoredMuseum Victoria
 SquintanisWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Table-top platenWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
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Treadle platen presses Arab (J.Wade, Halifax, c.1891)WorkingNew Norcia
 Arab (J.Wade, c.1890)WorkingHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Arab City Printing Works, Rockhampton
 ArabStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 ArabWorkingPenrith Museum
 Arab (Wade, place unknown, 1920)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Arab (J.Wade, Halifax)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 ArabStaticTownsville Museum
 ArabStoredWestern Australian Museum, Perth
 Challenge AcmeWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Chandler & PriceStaticBacchus Marsh Express
 Chandler & PriceStaticBroadford Courier Printing Office
 Chandler & PriceWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Chandler & PriceWorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 Chandler & Price (c.1900)WorkingHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Chandler & Price (c.1900)StaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Chandler & Price (c.1910)StaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Chandler & PriceWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Chandler & PriceStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Chandler & PriceWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Chandler & PriceWorkingLoxton Village Print Shop
 Chandler & PriceWorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Chandler & Price (1890)WorkingOld Gippsland Heritage Park
 Chandler & PriceWorkingPenrith Museum
 Chandler & Price (Chandler & Price Co., Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 1887–1900)StaticPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Chandler & Price Craftsman 12x18WorkingBright Press
 Chandler & Price New Style 10x15 (Crown Folio) (Chandler & Price, USA, 1926-30)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Chandler & Price New Style 12x18WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Chandler & Price New Style (serial C69837, built 1927)WorkingRenmark: Olivewood Museum
 Chandler & Price Old Style 12x15WorkingDardanup Heritage Park
 Chandler & Price Old Style 8x12WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Chandler & Price Old Style 8x12 (USA, 1903)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Chandler & Price Old Style (1913)WorkingRenmark: Olivewood Museum
 Chandler & Price Old StyleStaticTemora Rural Museum
 Collies ParagonStaticMogo: Original Gold Rush Colony
 CropperWorkingMogo: Original Gold Rush Colony
 DiademWorkingBrisbane Museum of Print
 DiademWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Furnival 10x15 (late 1800s)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 FurnivalStaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 GoldingWorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Golding PearlWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Golding PearlWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Golding Pearl No.3 (Golding & Co, USA)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Golding Pearl No.14 9x14 (USA, 1892)StoredMuseum Victoria
 InvincibleStoredDardanup Heritage Park
 Jardine treadle platenWorkingSouth Coast Restoration Society
 Olwesdale (1870)WorkingOld Gippsland Heritage Park
 PearlWorkingLoxton Historic Village
 PeerlessStaticBright Press
 Platen presses (x3)StoredPenrith Museum
 Platen press (early 1800s)StaticWagin Historical Village
 Platen pressStoredWestern Australian Museum, Perth
 Platen presses (x3)StaticBright Press
 Treadle platenWorkingChilton Museum
 Treadle platen (x2)StoredDardanup Heritage Park
 Treadle platensWorkingDimboola Printing Museum
 Treadle platenWorkingMaldon Vintage Machinery Museum
 Treadle platen (1900-1940, supplied by Middows Bros, London)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Treadle platenWorkingQueanbeyan
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Cylinder presses Connell Vertical (W.J.Connell & Co, London)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Furnival flat bedStaticLoxton Village Print Shop
 HeidelbergWorkingDon Dorrigo Gazette
 HeidelbergWorkingPeterborough Print Shop
 Heidelberg KSBWorkingBright Press
 Hoe cylinder (R W Crabtree & Sons, Australia, [1920-1960)StaticPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Holmes VerticalWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Inge & Son stop-cylinderStaticBroadford Courier Printing Office
 Mailander (J.G.Mailänder, Germany, pre 1904)StaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Maine Flat Bed Tumbler printing press (1850?)StaticPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Miehle flatbed (Linotype & Machinery, England)StaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Meihle Flatbed (Linotype & Machinery Ltd, UK, 1920s or 30s)StaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Miehle Two Revolution Quad Crown FlatbedWorkingBright Press
 Miehle Flatbed (Miehle Printing Press and Manufacturing Company, London, 1890)StaticPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Miehle VerticalWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Miehle VerticalStoredGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Miehle VerticalWorkingPenrith Museum
 Miehle VerticalWorkingQueanbeyan
 Miehle Vertival V45WorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 Miehle Vertical V50 (USA, 1950s)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Miehle Vertical (Miehle, England, [1950])StaticPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Newspaper pressStaticMogo: Original Gold Rush Colony
 Printomatic stop cylinder flatbedWorkingSouth Coast Restoration Society Heritage Print Shop
 Rotary Newspaper press (C.B.Cottrell & Sons, USA, 1914)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Swift DemyWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Three sheet rotary cylinder pressStoredThe Kalgoorlie Miner
 Ulverstonian flatbed (1850s)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 WharfedaleStaticBacchus Marsh Express
 WharfedaleWorkingThe Federal Standard, Chiltern
 Wharfedale (Two)StaticOld Gippsland Heritage Park
 WharfedaleWorkingPenrith Museum
 WharfedaleWorkingPeterborough Print Shop
 Wharfedale (1950–1989)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Wharfedale (pre 1905)StaticWagin Historical Village
 Wharfedale 15x20 (Dawson & Sons, 1880s)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Wharfedale (Bremner) DemyStoredNew Norcia
 Wharefdale (Dawson, Payne & Elliott)StaticHistoric Village, Herberton
 Wharfedale (Dawson, Payne & Elliot) Double Crown (1880)StaticNew Norcia
 Wharfedale (Dawson, Payne & Elliot, 1925)StaticTemora Rural Museum
 Wharfedale Reliance Royal cylinder press (Fieldhouse, Crossfield & Co, 1907)StaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Wharfedale (Fieldhouse, Crossfield & Co.) RelianceStaticHistoric Village, Herberton
 Wharfedale (Payne & Son)WorkingDimboola Printing Museum
 Wharfedale (Payne) Double RoyalWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Wharfedale (Payne)WorkingMaldon Vintage Machinery Museum
 Wharfedale (Payne and Sons, Wharfedale, UK, 1870-1910)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Wharfedale SW4 (Dawson, Payne & Elliott)WorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 Cylinder proof presses are shown under Proof Presses
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Proof presses Cylinder proof ([USA], c.1930-1945)StaticPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Cylinder proofWorkingQueanbeyan
 Chandler & PriceStaticForbes Museum
 FarleyWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 FunditorWorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Galley (1958)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Graphic (Winters)StaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 GrafixWorkingNew Norcia
 Harrild (Harrild & Sons, London, 1920)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 PocoWorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Poco No.0WorkingBrisbane Museum of Print
 Poco No.2WorkingBrisbane Museum of Print
 PotterWorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Proof pressStaticBacchus Marsh Express
 Proof press (large)StoredGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Proof presses (x3)StoredPenrith Museum
 Proof pressWorkingBright Press
 RonaiStoredGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Sovereign table-topWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Sovereign table-topStaticLoxton Village Print Shop
 Sovereign table-topWorkingNew Norcia
 VandercookWorkingPenrith Museum
 variousWorkingBrisbane Museum of Print
 F.T.Wimble (built 1880)WorkingRenmark: Olivewood Museum
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Line, Slug and Stereo casters Elrod slug casterWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Elrod slug casterStaticMaldon Vintage Machinery Museum
 Elrod Strip casterStaticOld Gippsland Heritage Park
 IntertypeStaticHistoric Village, Herberton
 Intertype (x2)StaticLachlander Local Newspaper Museum
 IntertypeStaticLoxton Village Print Shop
 IntertypeStoredPenrith Museum
 IntertypeStaticPeterborough Print Shop
 Intertype (Intertype Corporation, New York, USA, 1940s)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 IntertypeStaticTemora Rural Museum
 Intertype model CStaticTownsville Museum
 Intertype model CStoredLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Intertype model C3WorkingDon Dorrigo Gazette
 Intertype model C3 (USA)StaticGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Intertype model C4WorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Intertype model C4StaticCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 Intertype model C4WorkingDon Dorrigo Gazette
 Intertype model C4 (x2)(UK)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Intertype model C4 (Harris-Intertype, 1962)StaticRenmark: Olivewood Museum
 Intertype model C4WorkingSouth Coast Restoration Society Heritage Print Shop
 Linotype Electron (UK)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 LinotypeWorkingDimboola Printing Museum
 Linotype (Merganthaler Linotpe Co, USA)StaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 LinotypeWorkingThe Federal Standard, Chiltern
 LinotypeStaticThe Kalgoorlie Miner
 Linotype (x4 plus below)StoredMelbourne Museum of Printing
 LinotypeStoredPenrith Museum
 Linotype (Merganthaler Linotype, USA, 1940)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 LinotypeWorkingBright Press
 Linotype model 1 (Merganthaler Linotype, USA 1896)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Linotype model 2 (Mergenthaler Linotype)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Linotype model 5StaticBroadford Courier Printing Office
 Linotype model 5StaticDardanup Heritage Park
 Linotype model 5WorkingPenrith Museum
 Linotype model 5StaticWagin Historical Village
 Linotype model 8 (x2)StaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Linotype model 8StoredHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Linotype model 8StaticHistoric Village, Herberton
 Linotype model 8WorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Linotype model 8 (Merganthaler Linotype, USA c.1935)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Linotype model 8WorkingPenrith Museum
 Linotype model 14StoredHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Linotype model 14StaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Linotype model 14WorkingQueanbeyan
 Linotype model 15 (USA)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Linotype model 48WorkingDardanup Heritage Park
 Linotype model 48 (x3)StoredGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Linotype model 48WorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Linotype model 48 (x3)StoredLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Linotype model 78WorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Linotype model 78 (UK)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Linotype model 78WorkingGunnedah Rural Museum
 Linotype model 78WorkingMaldon Vintage Machinery Museum
 Linotype model 78WorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 LudlowWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 LudlowStaticCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 LudlowWorkingDardanup Heritage Park
 LudlowStoredDardanup Heritage Park
 Ludlow (c.1960)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Ludlow (x2)StoredGulgong Pioneer Museum
 LudlowWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 LudlowWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 LudlowWorkingPenrith Museum
 Ludlow (Ludlow Typograph Co., USA, 1953)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Ludlow model LWorkingSouth Coast Restoration Society
 LudlowStaticTemora Rural Museum
 Ludlow (x2)WorkingBright Press
 Nebitype NTC-61 (maker unknown, Italy, [1930])StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Typograph, Model B (Mergenthaler Co., Germany, c. 1890)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Typograph, Model B, N.2990 (Mergenthaler, Berlin Germany c. 1890)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
Stereo and plate makersStereo casting boxesStaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Stereo casting box (Harrild & Sons, London, 1900)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Stereo pressStoredThe Kalgoorlie Miner
 Royle stereo trimmerStoredThe Kalgoorlie Miner
 Platemakers (one A4, one A2)WorkingBright Press
 Light table (A1)WorkingBright Press
 UV exposure unit (A1)WorkingBright Press
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Type castersMonotype CompositionWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Monotype Composition (Monotype Corporation, London, 1930-1940)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Monotype Composition (Monotype, England, 1955)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Monotype keyboardWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Monotype keyboardStaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Monotype keyboardStoredPenrith Museum
 Monotype DD keyboard (Monotype Corporation, England)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Monotype early keyboard (c.1903)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Monotype keyboard (Monotype Corporation Ltd., England, c. 1950s)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
 Monotype air receiver (Monotype Corporation Ltd., England, 1950s)StoredPowerhouse Museum, Sydney
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Re-melting furnaces FunditorWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Re-melting furnaceWorkingDardanup Heritage Park
 Re-melting furnaceStoredGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Re-melting furnaceStoredThe Kalgoorlie Miner
 Re-melting furnaceWorkingPenrith Museum
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Guillotines and Board Shears AdvanceWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Chandler & PriceWorkingDardanup Heritage Park
 Chandler & PriceWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Chandler & PriceStaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Chandler & PriceWorkingPenrith Museum
 Dietz & ListingWorkingNew Norcia
 DigitalStoredDardanup Heritage Park
 Dawson, Payne & Elliott Diamond 42"WorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 Dawson, Payne & Elliott DiamondStaticHistoric Village, Herberton
 FigginsStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Furnival (UK late 1800s)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Gem (550mm)WorkingBright Press
 GriegStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 GuillotineWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 GuillotineWorkingDimboola Printing Museum
 Guillotine (Alex Cowan & Sons, 1890s)StaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Guillotine (maker unknown, place unknown, 1885)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 GuillotineWorkingPeterborough Print Shop
 Guillotine (c.1880)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 GuillotineStaticWagin Historical Village
 KellyStaticBacchus Marsh Express
 KrauseWorkingOld Gippsland Heritage Park
 Mansfield (1940s)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 PayneWorkingOld Gippsland Heritage Park
 Payne “The Diamond” (Payne & Sons, England, 1930)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Payne & SonsStaticTemora Rural Museum
 UlmerStaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Wimble (x2)StaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 WintersWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Wooden hand guillotineStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
Board ShearsKarl Krause (c.1925)WorkingNew Norcia
 Cardboard cutter (maker unknown, place unknown, 1920)StoredPowerhouse Museum
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Surfacers/SawsDouglas Trimmer sawWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Douglas Trimmer saw (x2)WorkingDardanup Heritage Park
 Douglas sawWorkingPenrith Museum
 Douglas sawStaticRenmark: Olivewood Museum
 Douglas style sawWorkingBright Press
 Trimming sawWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Ludlow Super SurfacerWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 Ludlow Super SurfacerWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Middows Bros PlanerWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
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Stitchers/Sewers/Drills/Perforators Boston Stitcher no.7StaticLoxton Village Print Shop
 Bostich Stitching machineStaticRenmark: Olivewood Museum
 Brehmer Poygraph stitcherWorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 Brehmer StitcherWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Brehmer SideStoredDardanup Heritage Park
 Stapling machineStaticPeterborough Print Shop
 StitcherWorkingCaboolture Historic Village
 StitcherWorkingDardanup Heritage Park
 StitcherWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 StitcherStaticNew Norcia
 various stitchers & staplersStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Wimble stapling machineWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Wire stitcherWorkingPenrith Museum
 Wire stitcher (Brehmer)StaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Wire stitcher (Gaitzsch)StaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Wire stitcher, ‘Perfection’ (Morrison, place unknown, 1950)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Wire stitcher (Vickers-Armstrong)StaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Barclay perforatorStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Barclay Pin perforatorStoredNERAM Museum of Printing
 Barclay Pin perforators (x2)WorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Cooke & Co table-top perforatorStaticLoxton Village Print Shop
 Partridge Pin Perforator (1900)WorkingOld Gippsland Heritage Park
 Perforator (Fleet Works, London, 1900)StaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 PerforatorWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Perforator (USA, 1890)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Perforator (UK, 1920)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Perforator “Universal Peerless” (A.G. Burton’s Son Inc., Chicago, USA, [1920])StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Wimble cornering and punching machineWorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Paper drillWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Paper drill (Krause, Germany, 1930)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Paper drillWorkingBright Press
 Label punching machine (H.O.Strong & Sons, Bristol)WorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 Label punching machine (John Greig & Sons, Scotland, 1910)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Book sewerWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Oversewing machine (Oversewing Machine Co., USA, 1920-1950)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Sewing frameStaticNew Norcia
 Binding/finishing equipmentStaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Book back rounding machine (maker unknown, place unknown, 1900)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Self clamp round cornering machine (Progress, England, 1900)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Wilhelm Leo finishing press StaticNew Norcia
 Bookbinder's ploughStaticNew Norcia
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Folders AdvanceWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 AdvanceStaticNew Norcia
 CamcoWorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 CundallWorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 CundallWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 CundallWorkingPenrith Museum
 John Close Victor newspaper folding machine (1900s)StaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 John Close VictorStaticHistoric Village, Herberton
 Folding MachineStaticLoxton Village Print Shop
 Folding MachineStaticMogo: Original Gold Rush Colony
 Folding MachineWorkingPeterborough Print Shop
 Mentges Paper FolderStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
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Other Presses Harrild lithographic (Harrild & Sons, London)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Lithographic printing machine (Seggie, place unknown, 1920)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Lithographic printing press (1850?)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Addressograph envelope printing machine (Herts., England, 1940s-50s)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Harris envelope (Harris Automatic Press Co)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Cheque printing machine, ‘Protectograph’ (Todd Co., Rochester, USA, 1908-1924)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Heidelberg Kord 62 offset pressWorkingBright Press
 Hughes & Kimber printing press [for printing copper engravings], 1840StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Label printing press (Briginshaw Bros, Australia, 1955)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Letterpress printing machine (Bell and Valentine, Melbourne, Victoria, c. 1950)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Printing machine (P. O’Reilly, place unknown, 1950)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Embossing machine (Benjamin Winstone, London, 1890)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Mackay Gold BlockerStaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Gold blocking machine (maker unknown, England, 1882)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Mustang MailerStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Moulding pressStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Railway ticket printing machine (Bell & Valentine, Australia)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Railway ticket printerStaticNERAM Museum of Printing
 Waterlow Ticket Printing MachineStaticDimboola Printing Museum
 Waterlow Ticket Printing Machine (Waterlow & Sons, London, c.1925)StoredMuseum Victoria
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Book/Nipping Presses Book pressesWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Book pressStaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Book presses (x3)WorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Book presses (x3)StaticTemora Rural Museum
 Book standing pressWorkingNew Norcia
 Book standing press (Krauss)WorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Book standing press (Harrild & Sons, London, 1920)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Book standing press (maker unknown, Australia, 1900)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Lying presses (x3)StaticNew Norcia
 Copying pressStaticBarr Smith Library, University of Adelaide
 Copying presses (x2)WorkingNew Norcia
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Ruling machines Ruling machine (John Shaw & Sons, England, c.1932)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Ruling machine (1900)StoredPowerhouse Museum
 Pen ruling machineStaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Waite & SheardWorkingCity Printing Works, Rockhampton
 Waite & SheardWorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
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Frames/Cabinets of typeFrames of typeStaticBacchus Marsh Express
(or cases, if no frames)Frame of typeStaticBarr Smith Library, University of Adelaide
 Frames of type (2)WorkingDardanup Heritage Park
 Frames of typeWorkingDimboola Printing Museum
 Frames of type (4)StaticFarm Shed Museum, Kadina
 Cabinets of type (2)StaticForbes Historical Museum
 Cabinet of typeStoredForbes Historical Museum
 Frames of type (6)WorkingGulgong Pioneer Museum
 Frames of typeStaticHenty Observer Printing Museum
 Frames of type (6)WorkingHistoric Village, Herberton
 Frames of type (2)WorkingLetterpress Print Museum, Mallee Heritage Centre
 Frames of type (3)StoredLoxton Village Print Shop
 Frames of typeWorkingMaldon Vintage Machinery Museum
 Frames of type (5) (inc Wimble, Delittle, etc)StoredMuseum Victoria
 Frames of type (3)WorkingNERAM Museum of Printing
 Frames of type (9)WorkingNew Norcia
 Cabinets of type (8)WorkingOld Gippstown Heitage Park
 Frames of type (6)WorkingPenrith Museum
 Frames of type (6)StoredPenrith Museum
 Cabinets of type (5)WorkingPeterborough Print Shop
 Frame of typeStaticTownsville Museum
 Cases of typeStoredBarr Smith Library, University of Adelaide
 Cases of type (8)StoredMogo: Original Gold Rush Colony
 Cases of type (30)StoredSouth Coast Restoration Society
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Written by David Bolton in 2014 and last updated 7 April 2023.